Quality Ascension

The founder of the company spent 1/3 of his life in USA, Taiwan and Japan. Coming from mixed cultural background, he is exceptional in dealing with corporations from around the world.  

The vision of Qscend Co., Ltd. is to collaborate with the top of the industry from across the world in order to achieve quality improvement, hence the name, Qscend, Quality + Ascension. 

Back in Waseda Business School in early 2000s.  The founder asked his professor, professor Ohe, “How to do business with companies from another country?”  Professor Ohe, “Well, there are many ways”  

The art of success is execution.

Throughout the years, the founder has established business relationships with American, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Malaysian, New Zealander, Singaporean, etc.

At Qscend, we specializes in Market entry to Japan & Taiwan.  Together, we can bring the best quality to market.